Property valuation experts

Blackmores offer a new kind of property service that includes a wide range of specialised property solutions to the rural, residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Blackmores equip their clients in the Manawatu and surrounding regions with knowledge to make decisions when it comes to valuation and property.

Blackmores has been operating in the Manawatu and surrounding districts for over 25 years, with some of our Registered Valuers having more than 40 years experience within the region and New Zealand Property Institute senior memberships. Because of this Blackmores are considered recognised leaders in property valuation.

Blackmores currently covers the Horizons Regional Council region including Manawatu, Horowhenua, Whanganui, Rangitikei, Ruapehu and Tararua Districts. Additionally we undertake non residential work in the Wairarapa and Kapiti regions.